Before I leave,

I want to meet my mom,

I want to tell her how much i love her and asking for an apology for taking the wrong path in life.

I want to buy her a brand new bag that she loves and later we go on a fine-dining date, just a mother and her son.

I want to have a deep conversation with my sister, talk about her career and her romantic life (she has been in many relationships lol).

Then we will go to a shelter to adopt a puppy for her to take care. Maybe a pug.

I want to visit my dad. Talk over cups of coffee and packs of cig. Help him with his ‘personal projects’ (like building a ‘dog house’ for his dogs).

I want to meet my grandmother. She’s been an amazing role model for me.

I want to taste her cookings one last time. I’ll be missing those foods so much.

I want to take Wanda for a walk then we visit the COMO park. She will be happy to meet other dogs and freely run around the soil without getting yelled by me lol.

And after that, i’ll treat her with pizza from the Pizza Place. Such a good day for my baby girl. Remember that daddy loves you (dude i just call myself ‘daddy’ yikes).

More list will be updated.

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